The Global Capital Guide (Kapitalguiden) is a private held corporation, working as an information and analysis source to SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) within public funding. The Global Capital Guide provides you, our customer, with tailored information


and reports on public funding in the form of government grants, loans, and equity alternatives, which are potentially available to your specific business venture and sector. Our reports and analyses are customized according to your location, type of business and phase of development.


The Global Capital Guide is a Scandinavian initiative, working out of Stockholm, Oslo, and Helsinki to support substantial growth, internationalization, and to reduce transaction costs from a macro perspective.

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Jan is a specialist in business development and in managing organizational changes and development processes. Jan’s unique track record and experience comes from working with large corporations as well as independent companies in the Nordic region as well as in Europe. Jan’s capability to listen, lead, inspire, support and widen the horizon of his colleagues has brought several partners and customers to financial growth and to achievements. Jan has a particular result oriented methodology that involves individuals, management and the boardroom. Jan has been involved in several projects, financed by governmental grants and DFI’s.



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Sven has long experience and substantial knowledge from several management positions within different industries and companies. Sven has over the past 15 years started, developed and turned around companies, both as CEO and CFO, and is highly skilled in the area of entrepreneurial business development. Sven has a practical and complementary business understanding to his financial knowledge and has the unique capability to bring complexed issues to its logic conclusion.

Sven has a broad experience from dealing with the challenges of international
expansion as well as collaborations with international financial institutions. Sven holds an MBA from University of East London.



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Håkan has long and deep knowledge from several financial areas through different positions in global companies as well as entrepreneurial business. The experience comes from controller functions, both operational and corporate, and from holding different CFO positions.

Håkan has a broad experience from collaborations with financial institutions,
nationwide, as well as international, interacting with governmental based dialogues containing political as well as legal issues. Håkan has his formal background from Stockholm School of Economics where he holds an MBA in finance.​



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Øyvind has created, established and run businesses in all Scandinavian countries as well as in Poland since 1986. The companies have, with few exceptions, all been in an entrepreneurial or early expansion stage of development. Øyvind has over the past 20 years also built a sustainable financial business based on spin-off from different entrepreneurial initiatives. Øyvind has a great passion for entrepreneurial attitude and gives anyone coming close a view of possibilities, creativeness and achievements. Øyvind enjoys a web of personal contacts and eagerly involves himself in new ideas and innovations



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Caroline Furuvald is responsible for the dialogue with our customers and the operational leader of our international researchers team. She is also the link to our development department.
Caroline started at the Global Capital Guide, in 2012, and has several years of experience researching public funding. She did her final project at university on the subject; Public Funding for Small and medium sized Enterprises. She has a bachelor degree in the major of International Business from an American University, John Cabot University, in Rome.