22 Aug IMF Updates Central Bank Legislation Database

“The International Monetary Fund has updated its Central Bank Legislation Database, the most comprehensive central bank law database in the world, to allow informed policy discussions and analysis as central banking rules change. “

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22 Aug World bank unveils new procurement framework

“The World Bank unveiled its new procurement framework in Sri Lanka yesterday, which it said will help countries make the most of their public spending, strengthen national policies and improve development objectives.”

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22 Aug UNCDF supports Somali local governments on revenue mobilization

“Hargeisa, Somaliland, SOMALIA – UNCDF continues working with local governments on the implementation of the Local Revenue Mobilization Initiative (LRMI). On 1 August 2016 a revenue planning and forecasting workshop was convened in Hargeisa under the auspices of the Somaliland Ministry of Interior for municipal officials of Hargeisa and Borama – the two pilot municipalities that participate in the first phase of the Initiative.”

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15 Aug Welcome to the EAC Business and Investment Forum 2016

“In close cooperation with the EAC embassies SWEACC is pleased to invite you to this year’s EAC-BIF in Stockholm 10 – 11 October 2016.

Together with SWEACC members and new business friends you will have the possibility to learn more about ongoing activities and plans for the future in the East African Community. We will listen to and meet all the five EAC Ambassadors from Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

This forum will focus on ICT based solutions and Medtech within the areas of health care systems, urban transport, energy and utilities, and public safety and security. This interesting forum aims for creating opportunities for an active matchmaking in trade and investment between participants from Sweden and the East African countries Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.”

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15 Aug Board Approves AfDB Group’s industrialisation Strategy for Africa 2016-2025

“Africa’s industrialization agenda, one of the Bank Group’s top priorities for the continent’s economic transformation, received a boost this week with the approval of the Bank Group’s Industrialisation Strategy for Africa 2016-2025.

The Strategy, approved by the AfDB’s Board on Thursday, 14 July 2016, represents a roadmap for implementing priority programs to scale–up the industrial transformation of Africa. It addresses key issues such as: (i) Why we need to industrialize Africa; (ii) What it will take to industrialize Africa; and (iii) How AfDB will help to industrialize Africa.”

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24 Jun What happens now that Britain has voted for Brexit

“BRITAIN has voted for Brexit. What happens now? Nothing immediate, is the answer for EU nationals living in Britain and Britons living elsewhere in the EU, as well as for businesses on both sides of the Channel. It will all depend on negotiations that could take years—and no one is sure quite how many years, because the only precedent is Greenland, with a population today of around 50,000, which voted to leave in 1982. The first aim of David Cameron, the prime minister, will be to calm the markets.”

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21 Jun Misplaced charity

“NOT long ago Malawi was a donor darling. Being dirt poor and ravaged by AIDS, it was needy; with just 17m inhabitants, a dollop of aid might visibly improve it. Better still, it was more-or-less democratic and its leader, Joyce Banda, was welcome at Westminster and the White House. In 2012 Western countries showered $1.17 billion on it, and foreign aid accounted for 28% of gross national income.”

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20 Jun EBRD welcomes progress on a new tariff deal between government of Moldova and Gas Natural Fenosa

“Electricity tariffs to be reviewed by regulator to reflect real costs

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) welcomes the new agreement between the Moldovan government and the largest privately owned electricity distributor in the country, a local subsidiary of Spanish energy group Gas Natural Fenosa.

The agreement acknowledges the electricity tariff deficit accumulated until 2015 due to national currency depreciation and sets a recovery period from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2020.”

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