Analysis and reports

The Global Capital Guide offers two services, in two different steps; analysis services to optimize the financial solutions that can provide the greatest impact for you and detailed customized reports for your purpose of service:

  • Analysis and reports directly to customers
  • Information subscription of real-time public funding institutions with the purpose to support their customers and other stakeholders


Either way, you will receive the same result, based on the end-customers specific business needs. A structured business plan and clear business objectives will give you the necessary information to set the parameters for seeking public funding information.

The Global Capital Guide’s advanced reporting gives you a structured overview of public financial institutions globally and their programs, where the starting point is always directly related to your idea, your project or your business.

In the advance report you will receive
  • The fund (program name), type, and overall size
  • Which institution the fund is tied to, and the fund’s geographic and sector-related investment areas
  • An overview, description of or information on the types of projects that can be financed and how much capital is available
  • The fund/program contact addresses (visiting/mail) and contact information related to the fund in general and to the main institution
  • Relevant information about the fund’s underlying purpose
  • The report includes graphical views where the relevant fund / program related and compared with the report’s other funds / programs the fund’s total value, investment universe and the type of funding provided
  • The application link to apply directly