14 Sep Invitation to Green City cluster network meeting 14 th september 2017

“Swedish-East Africa Chamber of Commerce (SWEACC) has establish a new cluster within the area cleantech focused on Eastern-Africa. We call this cluster Green City and this cluster network will be managed by Mr Per-Olof Seman who has long experience of cleantech and infrastructure project in the sub-Sahara region. Last year SWEACC arranged several network meetings focusing on energy and finance in East Africa. This was very popular and Green City is a development from those meetings. We focus on urban challenges first but will not forget the challenges we also can find in rural areas. Waste to energy, water purification and sustainable energy solutions are very important topics in East Africa. Picture above is from Uganda where companies are looking for partners in Sweden to develop their recycling business. Focus is waste to energy, electronic waste and other hazarders waste.”